I work with energy to facilitate your own body’s healing energy. I open myself to the Universal Energy and act as a channel to send the energy to where I’m directed. It aids and assists in your own body’s energy to heal itself.

I receive intuitive messages on a client’s blockages. I get clairvoyance so I can see things. And I receive messages from loved ones that have passed into the Spirit world.

Everybody heals to some extent, it’s just degrees. A mother puts her hand on her child’s knee or she kisses a scrape better. That’s a basic level, whereas a psychic medium healer is clairvoyant (seeing), clairaudient (hearing), clairsentient (feeling) and claircognient (knowing).

A psychic medium can also receive information through smell and taste. For example they might smell the cigar smoke of your father who has passed into Spirit. He always smoked cigars. Or they might get a metallic taste in their mouth and they mention this; you know exactly what they are referring to as you have been experiencing this lately.

A psychic medium works with all the senses.

Every healing session is different. You may receive “hands on healing”, chakra balancing (chakras are the life force energy centres on your body), aura cleaning, clairvoyance or mediumship. You may receive one of these, some of these, or all of these, depending on what guidance I receive during your session.

At the present time I am offering very limited healing as I don’t have the designated physical space in which to perform the work.  It’s important to have a dedicated space because you set the intention for the healing energy to flow within it, and using it constantly means the energy builds, creating the perfect environment to facilitate the healing to take place. Plus of course it’s easier to manage and keep the space clean and clear of residual energies from others. 

I clean and clear the area where I do my readings and healings after every client. 

It’s actually possible to do healings and readings anywhere – I can read in the supermarket, or sitting in a bus, but it’s not ideal in the same way that those are not the best places to answer emails – even though you could.

I think of it as being like running a business from your kitchen table. It’s possible but you’re constantly packing everything away so the family can eat meals. It’s far better to have a dedicated office space.

I explain all this because although I’d love to do more healing, I really do need to wait until I have a suitable space.

As a healer, we don’t ‘heal’ anyone else. We work as a channel, using energy to facilitate and aid a person’s own healing ability for the healing to occur.