Perhaps the better questions are ‘What is a psychic?’ and ‘What is a medium?’  All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums.


A medium is someone who connects to those in the Spirit world, usually your loved ones (or those connected to your loved ones) that have passed over, bringing details, information and evidence that love lives on. 

A medium is a bit like an interpreter, allowing you to have a conversation with somebody that is no longer living on the Earth plane. It can be extraordinarily comforting to have these conversations,  especially if a loved one has passed over recently. A reading can also bring you insight, clarity and healing.

How does it work?

The medium raises her vibration prior to a reading so that she can connect with the energy. This is not a time to dwell on earthly thoughts, wondering what to cook for dinner or thinking that the bins must go out. Careth Michelle uses prayer, meditation and breath work to do this, then once she’s with the client she breathes, clears her mind and makes the connection to the energy that’s coming in.

Information can come slowly at first as the Spirits need to establish trust with the medium, ensuring that their message will be delivered in a sensitive and caring way.  The first message the medium receives is an idea of who has come to visit. Careth might say, “They’re telling me father”.  If the client affirms that yes, it could be my father, then something else will come along, a small piece of evidence that allows the client to know who she’s talking to. “He played the guitar.” The client agrees that yes, her father played the guitar. “He hated peanut butter!” The client laughs and says, “Yes, that’s my father alright! He hated peanut butter so much we weren’t even allowed to have it in the house.”

Quite often these ‘evidence’ messages can seem random and unimportant but they’re often things that really defined a person so it’s important that the medium doesn’t filter what she’s receiving, instead passing on the message exactly.

Spirits usually give enough ‘proof’ that you’re confident about who you’re talking to. You’ll leave the reading knowing that it was your loved one.

All mediums are psychic. But not all psychics are mediums.

A psychic medium makes a connection to the energy of your loved ones who have passed over into Spirit. We bring through details, information and evidence to give you proof of the soul’s survival.


A psychic is a person that tunes into your energy and the energy around you (your aura) and your life path to give you information. They look into your past, your present and your future. They blend and connect to your energy. A psychic can still give you details about your loved ones because they can get this from your aura. These will be from your memories. 

This is an important distinction – a medium connects to the energy of Spirit whereas a psychic connects to the energy of you.


A medium blends to the energy of Spirit, whereas a psychic blends to the energy of the client.