I ask you to come into the reading open. I will connect to the energy of Spirit and I will deliver to you information and details to provide evidence of your loved ones in Spirit.

Then I’ll pass on messages to you.

The reason I ask you to be open is because there’s no guarantee that the person you want to communicate with will come through. They usually do, but you have to be open to who comes. Sometimes you get surprises.

For example I’ll sometimes find that a client thinks they’re going to talk to their grandmother but actually their husband’s grandmother comes through.  Or I’ll say to a client, “They’re telling me father.” And the client replies, “No, my father’s not gone.” Then I give more information and suddenly the penny drops and they’ll exclaim, “Oh, it’s my boyfriend’s father!”  The client is the connection between the deceased father and his son (her boyfriend who is still alive), and so the father steps forward because he wants his son to receive a message.

You have no idea which of the many people you know needs to receive a message which is why I say you must be ready for whoever comes. Let’s say your neighbours are Jack and Maude and Jack has recently died. Jack sees that you’re going for a reading and he is tremendously pleased because he knows that you’re open and he can get a message to Maude through you, so he steps forward in your reading. Maude is hanging onto their big old family home because she feels that she must, but Jack thinks it would be easier and better for her if she sold it and moved on like she really wants to. He lets her know it is okay if she wants to sell. Once you receive that message you can pass it on to Maude , and she can act upon it as she wishes. It can be tremendously comforting for Maude to hear advice from Jack, who was always by her side. They always made decisions together and it’s hard for her to do it alone.

Messages come in all shapes and sizes. Spirits might say something like they’re sorry, or they’ve been with you while you’ve been ill.

They can answer questions. A question I am asked a lot by my clients is “Are they ok?” They can reassure you that yes, they’re ok. They can let you know that they knew you were there when they passed. And that it’s ok for you to now go out with someone else.

Sometimes you’ll be surprised at the things they’ll tell you in a reading. Someone might not have been demonstrative or expressed their love at all in their earthly life but in the reading they really want you to know that they have always loved you.

I always ask you if you want to know everything I receive because I really think the choice is yours. Even if you have said, “Yes, tell me everything,” you can stop me at any point if you change your mind.

I think one of the best things about a reading with a medium is that it’s your chance to spend time chatting and communicating with people you loved. It’s always interesting how people’s earthly personalities come through. If Aunty Mary was a loud, fun, big personality in her earth life, she’ll come through like that in the reading. If Uncle John was shy, reserved and not much of a talker, that’s what we’ll get too.

At the risk of repeating myself I want to stress again that you need to be open when you come to a reading. I’m a receiver – I can’t dial out, they dial in, so we need to be prepared for whoever pops in.

If you surrender to Spirit, Spirit will give you the information you need.

I always ask if you want to know everything I receive because I really think the choice is yours.

Usually the person you want to talk to will come but not always. There can be many reasons why not. Sometimes they may not like the medium! You have to build up trust with the Spirit world. They have to trust that you’ll deliver the message in a sensitive, caring manner, and that trust has to be built in every session. 

If you surrender to Spirit, Spirit will give you the information you need.